Why Your Baby Needs the Best European Organic Milk


As your infant grows their needs will change. Once you are nearing the six-month mark your child will be drinking at least eight ounces of milk daily. That is a whole lot of baby formula! Baby formula is made to give growing infants everything they need to thrive, but is your local formula really living up to your expectations?

There are regular baby formulas and there are organic baby formulas, and then there are European organic baby formulas. Many families have turned to organic options regardless of country of origin to reduce the chemicals and harmful products that go into their bodies.

Organic baby formula from Europe, in particular, is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega 3’s which are essential for brain development. Another thing about the European organic baby formula is that there are no GMOs whatsoever. Overall, organic baby formula from the EU is much cleaner and pure than baby formulas produced in the United States.

A Closer Look At Why European Organic Baby Formula Is Better

Organic food and organic baby formula are full of vitamin and minerals, much more than traditional options. There is a higher concentration of B12 which prevents anemia and boost nerve health, vitamin A to promote bone growth and healthy vision. There is also more calcium in organic baby formula from Europe due to the use of dynamic farming during their production.

Many pesticides have been linked with lung damage, injuries to the nervous system and even immune system malfunction. When you give your child organic European baby formula you are guaranteed to prevent exposure to such harmful chemicals.

Organic Regulation

There is also a big difference in the regulation of what is organic in the EU compared to that of the US. In the EU, organic baby formula is banned from having added refined sugar which can cause obesity, bloating and even behavioral problems in children.

Not only does European Infant Formula comply with the infamously strict EU Organic guidelines, but they actually exceed them. In fact, they’ve operated to the highest standard for years, having implemented their own organic guidelines long before the European Union regulations were enforced.

How To Choose The Right Organic European Baby Formula

The right formula for your infant depends on several factors. Your child’s tolerance to cow milk, their nutritional needs, and your budget all come into play when choosing a formula. Infants who are going to be formula fed exclusively will also have different needs than babies who will only supplement their breast milk with formula.

Most pediatricians recommend formula made from cow milk for infants of all ages. Organic European baby formula has a good balance of healthy fat, natural carbohydrates, and protein. For infants who have sensitive stomachs, an organic formula derived from goat’s milk is also a smart option. Here at Mommy Formula, we offer a wide assortment of both organic cow milk baby formula from Europe and organic goat milk baby formula from Europe to meet your child's nutritional needs.


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