Kendamil Stage 1 Organic First Infant Milk Formula (0-6 Months) 800g
  New moms and dads only want to provide the best for their newborns. Kendamil stage 1 organic Infant Formula is sustainable and only uses the highest-quality ingredients and development processes on the market. Kendamil sources all of its whole...
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Kendamil Stage 2 Organic Follow on Milk Formula (6-12 Months) 800g
Providing the best for your child is something that no parent questions. Kendamil helps parents make this promise to babies that they are always getting the best formula for their health, development, and immune systems. Our Kendamil stage 2 organic...
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Kendamil Stage 3 Organic Toddler Milk Formula (12+ Months) 800g
For growing infants and toddlers, providing the proper nutrition is essential. Kendamil helps make this process easier for parents by creating clean formulas with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to support growth. Our Kendamil stage 3 formula is ideal...
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As Kendamil grows to be one of the largest baby formulas in the UK, parents are switching to our products for the safety and health of their growing babies. This family-owned business has over 60 years of experience. With numerous awards including the Queens Award, Mother/Baby Gold Award and Made for Mums Gold Award; parents can sleep peacefully knowing their baby's development is being supported by a company that actually cares.


Becoming a new parent could be one of the most joyful experiences ever. During these times, you'll have to make critical decisions for the health and well-being of your baby. And one of them will be whether to choose breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

Most times, bottle-feeding is a personal decision and, for others, a necessity. With several baby formulas competing to produce organic baby food, choosing the right one can be difficult. But one British brand is setting new standards for organic and natural formulas: the Kendamil formula. They're getting rave reviews from parents worldwide.

If you're wondering whether the Kendamil formula is worth the hype and investment or meets the standard for healthy baby food, this post is for you. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about Kendamil, the most premium organic formula on the market.

What are the benefits of Kendamil Baby Formula?

European baby formulas are famous for a reason. E.U. farming regulations and organic standards are much stricter and higher than in other countries. Kendamil farms are Red-Tractor accredited, making food safe, traceable, and responsibly produced.

Most baby formula brands use skim milk produced with refined vegetable oils. But Kendamil uses whole milk bases formulated with premium-quality ingredients.

Full cream milk has a phenomenal taste and contains an essential component of breast milk known as milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). This element has been linked to improved cognitive development in babies.

Since 2017, Kendamil has been offering goat milk infant formulas. These formulas contain full-cream A2 goat milk and goat whey. Thus, it's suitable for babies who aren't using cow's milk and experience digestive problems.

What Makes Kendamil Different from Other European Formulas?

Once you introduce your baby to organic formula, an entirely new world of baby formula brands comes to mind, leaving you confused. Here's what makes Kendamil different from other European formulas:

  • Uses whole milk: Kendamil uses whole milk as its primary ingredient and fat source.
  • Gives natural creamy taste: Kendamil formula has a naturally creamy taste as it uses whole milk
  • Contains less vegetable oil than other formulas: Kendamil formula contains reduced levels of vegetable oils, constituting 100% of the fat content in different baby formulas.


How Long Is Kendamil Formula Good For?

Check the base of the can or the back of the cereal box to see the expiration date of the infant formula. Once opened, use a can of Kendamil within four weeks. Also, store this formula in a cool, dry place.

A typical can of Kendamil formula will contain between 180 and 120 scoops. Close the lid properly after using Kendamil baby formula, so you won't contaminate it with foreign substances.

Ingredients Used in Kendamil Formula

Kendamil uses ingredients close to nature in all its baby formulas. As such, the product doesn't contain corn starch, GMOs, soy, added sugars, maltodextrin, or palm oils.

Here are the ingredients used in the Kendamil formula

  • Full Cream Milk 
  • Plant-Based ARA and DHA
  • Lactose with a Low Glycemic Index
  • Prebiotics (FOS, GOS)
  • Whole Milk 
  • Vitamin A, C, D, and Zinc

Kendamil formulas don't contain any harmful oils. Kendamil continuously pushes boundaries regarding traceability, ethical production practices, and sustainability.

How to Prepare Kendamil Formula

Kendamil baby formulas are age-specific. So, prepare them based on your infant's age and stage formula. Younger infants consume Kendamil more often, while older kids supplement Kendamil with other foods. Check the back of your Kendamil for the mixing instructions. You can view the product page for a brief of its mixing specifications.

How Much Prepared Formula Does Kendamil Make?

Kendamil makes baby formula using one scoop of infant formula per 1 ounce of water, which comes to about 30 grams daily. Kendamil makes approximately 1866-fl ounces of formula. Each can contain 60 scoops, with 4 grams of powder in each scoop.

Who Makes Kendamil?

A European family-owned company makes Kendamil formula. The product is sold to parents looking to buy healthy, clean baby food that is nutritionally complete and good tasting.

Kendamil Certification

While multinationals own most other baby formula brands and aren't independent, Kendamil is family-owned and operated. All Kendamil infant formula is EU-made and meets the highest standards for baby formula for both the E.U. and the U.S.

Why are U.S. Parents Choosing European Formula?

Several different baby formulas are available in the United States, and parents can choose between formulas made with organic milk, conventional milk, or soy. Baby formula is one of the most tightly regulated food products in the United States. Yet, most parents are choosing European formulas.

In the past, most new parents incorporated European formulas into their infant diets, and this is because many of these products contain prebiotics and goat milk and are GMO-free.

U.S. parents love buying Kendamil for their babies because it uses organic and natural ingredients. All Kendamil formulas are produced from U.K. farming sources.

Kendamil Formula Stages

Kendamil's formula comes in three different stages.

Stage 1

Kendamil Stage 1 Formulas Are for Babies 0-6 Months of Age

Kendamil Organic Stage 1 Formula (0–6 months) is one of the most sought-after organic infant formulas. It's a wholesome and nutritionally complete formula, suitable from birth to six months. Kendamil Stage 1 contains all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to achieve higher ratings of European organic certification for baby formula.

Kendamil Goat Stage 1 Baby Formula (0-6 months) is made from 100% full-cream organic goat milk and is appropriate for infants from birth to six months. It is suitable for babies who are intolerant to cow's milk formulas.

Kendamil Classic Stage 1 Baby Formula (0–6 months) is a favorite cow's milk formula for infants and can be used alongside breastfeeding. It's a 100% vegetarian formula.

Stage 2

Kendamil Stage 2 Formulas Are for Babies 6-12 Months of Age

Kendamil Organic Stage 2 Formula (6–12 months) is rich in essential minerals, vitamins C, A, and D, and nutrients such as natural zinc. It contains all-natural coconut oil instead of potentially harmful palm oil.

Kendamil Goat Stage 2 Baby Formula (6–12 months) can be used as a supplement while weaning, breastfeeding, or as a complete meal substitute. It's a natural follow-on from Kendamil Stage 1 and is made specially to maximize nutrient absorption and babies' development.

Kendamil Classic Stage 2 Baby Formula (6–12 months) can be used as a complete meal substitute or supplement or while weaning an infant from breastmilk. This formula will give your infant a healthy plant-based ALA, ARA, and LA supply.

Stage 3

Kendamil Stage 3 Formulas Are for Toddlers 12+ Months of Age

Kendamil Organic Stage 3 Formula (12+ months) contains more nutrients and vitamins than Kendamil Stage 1 and Stage 2. You can use it while weaning your baby from breast milk.

Kendamil Goat Stage 3 Baby Formula (12+ months) is ideal for toddlers 12 months and older, especially those sensitive to cow's milk formulas. It's vegetarian friendly and contains naturally-occurring ARA and DHA from marine algae, which help toddler eye, soft tissue, and brain development.

Kendamil Classic Stage 3 Baby Formula (12+ months) combines all the critically-essential nutrients needed for a baby's development. It suits vegetarian households and contains plant-based ARA and vitamins A, C, and D.

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