Holle A2 Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula (0-6 Months) 400g
Holle is one of the oldest baby formula manufacturers in Europe and is long trusted by parents and infant health experts alike. From ethical preparation of their farm animals to ensuring zero additives are put in their formulas, Holle A2...
from $127.96
Holle A2 Stage 2 Organic Baby Formula (6+ Months) 400g
Holle has grown from a small manufacturer in Germany to one of the largest suppliers of infant formula across Europe. Parents are excited as Holle continues to grow their line of formula made specifically for infants with sensitive digestive systems....
from $127.96
Holle A2 Stage 3 Organic Infant Milk Formula (10+ Months) 400g
Holle babies are happy babies! Parents love Holle for its long dedication to the baby formula industry and for creating top-of-the-line organic products. Sourced from one of their hundreds of farms that has rigorous guidelines to ensure all of Holle’s...
from $127.96
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