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About Us

Giving your little one the healthiest start possible can often be difficult, but with Mommy Formula, it doesn’t have to be. Parents have plenty to worry about when their child is born, but providing healthy organic milk should not be one of them.

Most new parents are shocked to discover that most formula options in their local grocery stores are full of GMOs, chemicals, allergens, and sugar-rich syrups. Not only are these formulas not organic but also they lack a lot of the essential minerals and nutrients your baby needs to grow strong and healthy. Mommy Formula is here to offer a healthier alternative

Our mission is to give your child the best chance they have at a healthy start through affordable, high-quality, and accessible organic formula. We aim to support infants from the moment they are born to their toddler years. We have several options for mommies who need to supplement their breastfeeding, as well as babies who are transitioning from breast milk to formula. We are here to help to build a world full of well-fed and happy babies, one bottle at a time.

Mommy Formula’s Product and Safety Standards

At Mommy Formula, we are proud to deliver our organic baby formula straight from Europe to the United States, cutting out the middleman.

Additionally, all of our brands meet European standards, such as satisfying the European Commission’s requirements for the amount of iron to be included in each package. Because our formulas comply with Europe’s stringent manufacturing regulations for how the milk is made, how the animals that produce the milk are cared for, and what it contains, you can trust our products to keep your child healthy for years to come.

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