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At Mommy Formula, we want to provide parents with the best European Baby Formula brands on the market. Skip the unhealthy mixtures of corn syrup and chemicals found in most formulas sold at your local supermarket. Instead, we offer a healthy alternative. Each formula listed on our site is nutritious and organic. Our USA based warehouses ensure quick shipping which arrive from Europe via air freight on a weekly basis. You are always getting a fresh batch of formula when you place an order with us.

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Here at Mommy Formula, we promise to make sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive and the formula you buy for your little one. Have you placed an order that got lost in the mail? No problem, contact our support team for a free replacement! Are you unhappy with a brand of formula you ordered? We have you covered - we will offer you a new formula to try, free! We do our best to ensure that you are always happy. With all the stress already part of being a new parent, ordering from Mommy Formula won’t be.

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Premium Goat Milk Formula

American Formula vs European Formula


  • Unnatural. Full of corn syrup, chemicals, sugars, and GMO’s that can be harmful to your infant’s health.
  • Low Approval Standard. The FDA is general about what they consider suitable for inclusion in infant formula.
  • Overall Low-Quality. Overall poorer quality compared to our European formulas.


  • Natural. Closer to breast milk with more natural ingredients such as organic oils and lactose.
  • High Approval Standard. The European Commission has very STRICT standards when it comes to ingredients used in infant formula.
  • Overall High-Quality. Nutritionist Tested & confirmed by experts to be better for your infants.

Most Popular Formulas

Sold Out
KABRITA Stage 1 Goat Milk Infant Formula (0-6 months) 800g
Please Read: We will be sending out the Dutch (from Netherlands) version if we are out of stock of the UK version of Kabrita.  Both are identical and made with the same ingredients. *Notice: Cans are delicate and easily dent...
from $267.80
HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Combiotic Organic Infant Milk Formula (0-6 Months) 800g
*Notice: Cans are delicate and easily dent during transit.  They are completely safe to use as long as the formula has not been compromised. Parents are cheering ‘HiPP HiPP’ hooray after discovering HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Combiotic Organic Infant Milk...
from $187.80
Sold Out
Loulouka Stage 1 Organic Cows Milk Infant Formula (0-6 months) 900g
We’re excited to introduce Loulouka, a unique new brand of organic formula that recently emerged onto the market. This organic blend is developed in Switzerland, and due to high European standards and quality checks, all formulas are free from any...
from $179.80

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