HiPP Formula Stage 1 Dutch (0-6 Months) 800g
Discover the benefits of HiPP formula stage 1 for your little one. Perfect for newborns and babies up to six months, this leading Dutch infant formula, is packed with Omega 3 & 6 LCPs, is developed using ingredients of only the...
from $46.99
HiPP Dutch Stage 2 Combiotic Organic Infant Milk Formula (6-12 Months) 800g
HiPP Dutch Stage 2 cow's milk formula offers complete nutrition for babies from 6 months old. As a baby's needs change, their formula needs to change as well. That’s why this Stage 2 organic combiotic formula introduces more iron and...
from $46.99
HiPP Dutch Stage 3 Combiotic Organic Infant Milk Formula (12+ Months) 800g
HiPP Dutch Stage 3 cow's milk formula is a solid choice for little ones transitioning to solid foods. Developed to be included in a diet for infants weaning off breast milk and formulas to regular foods, it's packed with Vitamin A,...
from $46.99
HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 Dutch (0-6 months) 400g
Parents everywhere are celebrating HiPP for adding goat milk formula stage 1 on the market as they continue to raise the global standards for infant health. Many parents are finding they love goat milk formula as an alternative to cow...
from $38.99
HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 2 Dutch (6-12 months) 400g
HiPP has outdone themselves again by introducing goat milk formula stage 2 to their line of organic formulas for supporting infant health. Moms everywhere love goat milk as an alternative to cow or soy as it is much easier to...
from $38.99
Sold Out
HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 3 Dutch (12+ months) 400g
For babies with extra sensitive stomachs, parents are cheering over HiPP’S Organic Goat Milk Formula. More and more parents are making the switch to goat milk as they find it is the perfect alternative to cow or soy. HiPP Dutch...
from $39.99
HiPP HA Dutch Stage 1 Hydrolyzed Formula (0-6 months) 800g
For parents in search of a specialized formula designed for infants with extra sensitive stomachs, HiPP's Hydrolyzed HA 1 formula is an excellent choice. Specifically formulated for infants aged 0–6 months, HiPP Dutch HA Stage 1 is enriched with essential...
from $251.96
HiPP HA Dutch Stage 2 Hydrolyzed Formula (6+ months) 800g
Parents and infants with sensitive tummies are delighted over HiPP HA Dutch Stage 2 Hydrolyzed Formula, with hydrolyzed milk proteins that make it easier for sensitive digestive systems to absorb and process. Ideal for little ones aged 6-12 months, it...
from $251.96

What is HiPP Dutch Formula?

HiPP Dutch formula is a type of infant formula made by HiPP, a German-based company that produces organic baby food products. It is produced in the Netherlands and is certified organic, meaning that it is made without the use of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones. Produced and certified according to the organic standards set by the European Union (EU), which are generally considered to be more stringent than the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), HiPP is known for its commitment to quality.

One of the advantages of using HiPP formula is its high digestibility, which is attributed to its similarity to real breast milk, making it easy for your baby to digest and absorb the essential nutrients they need to thrive. This formula is EU-certified organic, free of all heavy metals, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can positively impact the growth and development of your baby.

Benefits of Cow’s Milk Formula

Made with organic cow's milk as the primary ingredient, HiPP Cows milk formula is supplemented with a blend of organic vegetable oils, organic lactose, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. The formula also contains prebiotics, which is thought to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria in infants.

Benefits of Goat’s Milk Formula

If your baby is lactose intolerant, has a cow's milk allergy, or has a sensitive tummy, HiPP Goats milk formula is an excellent alternative to consider. Designed to provide balanced nutrition for babies who cannot tolerate cow's milk, HiPP Goats milk formula typically contains a blend of ingredients including organic goat milk, vegetable oils, lactose, whey protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are important for a baby's growth and development. While most milk typically contains both A1 and A2 proteins, goat milk exclusively contains A2 protein. This is significant because the A1 protein found in most milk is known to be responsible for the discomfort commonly associated with lactose intolerance.

Which HiPP Formula Should I Choose for My Baby?

HiPP Stage 1 is designed for infants from birth to 6 months of age, while HiPP Stage 2 is designed for infants aged 6 months and older who are starting to eat solid foods. HiPP Stage 3 formula is suitable for infants aged 12 months and above. This formula is ideal for use in conjunction with both weaning and bottle feeding, as part of a balanced mixed diet.

Can you get HiPP formula in the US?

It is possible to get HiPP formula in the US by purchasing it through Mommy Formula.

PRÆBIOTIK® Oligosaccharides for Immune System Health

HiPP Dutch formula contains a generous amount of probiotics, which play a crucial role in nurturing a healthy gut microbiome in your baby, just as breastmilk does. The presence of probiotics in baby formula may prove advantageous for infants who suffer from skin irritations, sinus complications, or irregular bowel movements.

Excellent Supplement to Breastfeeding

At times, breastfeeding may become challenging, causing a decrease in milk supply. If you experience such situations, using HiPP as a supplement for your baby could be an excellent way to alleviate the stress of insufficient milk and your baby's hunger.

Grass Fed, Organic, and Biodynamic

HiPP owes its existence to the beautiful cows roaming freely across the Dutch countryside. Nurtured with love and care, these animals are the source of your baby's nutrition as they are raised organically and are always grass-fed. They have access to fresh, mineral-rich water and feed on pesticide-free grass.

The health of these cows is crucial to ensuring that humans remain healthy too, as they are not exposed to any toxins, refined sugars, grains, antibiotics, or hormones. With the HiPP cows being nurtured naturally and without stress, they produce top-quality milk, thanks to the gentle farmers who attend to them.

Easily Digestible Formula

If you suspect that your baby is suffering from bowel problems due to lactose intolerance, you may want to explore other options besides dairy-based formulas. One alternative worth trying is the HiPP Dutch Combiotic Formula, which has been known to provide relief for many infants. Unlike conventional grain-fed dairy, grass-fed cows' milk used in this formula may be better tolerated by your little one. Besides, HiPP Dutch formula is packed with essential nutrients and probiotics, which can support your infant's overall health and well-being. So before you make any drastic changes, consider giving HiPP Dutch Formula a chance.

Overall, HiPP Dutch formula is a popular choice among parents looking for an organic and high-quality infant formula that meets their baby's nutritional needs.

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