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Product Description

Ensuring the best for your child is paramount, and Kendamil fulfills this promise with our Stage 2 Organic Formula (Bio Nature) from Czech.  Tailored for infants aged 6-12 months, our 800g Follow-on formula is meticulously formulated to provide essential nutrition for your baby's health, development, and immune system. Whether used as a supplement to breast milk or as a complete bottle feeding solution, Kendamil Stage 2 is the ideal choice for conscientious parents.

This Bio Nature formula is the same as Kendamil Organic UK, with identical ingredients and nutritional value. The only difference is the labeling, reflecting regional naming conventions. Outside the EU/UK, it's branded as Bio Nature, while in the EU/UK, it's recognized as Kendamil Organic. Nonetheless, it maintains the same quality, ingredients, and nutritional value as Kendamil Organic UK.


Pros of Kendamil Bio Nature Formula:

  • Organic and Clean Formula: Kendamil Stage 2 formula is crafted with organic cow's milk, boasting a balanced blend of whey and casein proteins akin to breastfeeding. Our commitment to purity means zero palm oils, GMOs, pesticides, or herbicides, ensuring your baby receives only the best.

  • Allergy-Friendly: Ideal for allergy-prone babies, Kendamil contains no peanut oil, maltodextrin, or corn syrup, providing peace of mind for parents. It's vegetarian-friendly and nutritionally complete, enriched with plant-based DHA for vision and cognitive development.

  • Gentle on Digestion: Our formula features a natural source of milk fat with reduced saturated fat content, promoting smooth digestion for your little one's delicate stomach.

  • EU-Certified Organic: Kendamil adheres to stringent EU standards, guaranteeing superior quality and safety. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Made for Mums Gold Award, Mother/Baby Gold Award, and the Queen's Award, Kendamil stands out as a trusted choice among parents.


How Much Kendamil Should You Buy?

The quantity of formula depends on various factors such as the baby's age, appetite, and feeding habits. Generally, infants aged 6-12 months consume 24 to 32 ounces of formula daily. Monitor your baby's weight gain and growth patterns to adjust the feeding amount accordingly.

Consider your feeding schedule and dietary needs when purchasing Kendamil Stage 2 formula. If exclusively bottle-feeding or supplementing with formula, ensure an ample supply for the week. Additional formula may be necessary for daycare or caregiver arrangements.

Stage 1 vs. Stage 2:

Kendamil Stage 1 formula caters to newborns up to six months, providing a nutrient-rich blend ideal for early development. In contrast, Stage 2 is tailored for infants aged 6-12 months, featuring enhanced iron and calcium levels to support their transition to solid foods. Probiotics and prebiotics promote a healthy digestive system as your baby continues to grow and thrive.


Step 1:

Wash hands and sterilize all equipment following the manufacturer's instructions. 

Step 2:

Boil 1 liter of fresh drinking water and leave to cool for no longer than 30 minutes. Do not use artificially softened or repeatedly boiled water. 

Step 3:

Measure the required amount of water into a sterilized bottle (refer to the feeding guide). 

Step 4:

Using only the scoop provided, add the correct number of scoops of milk powder - 1 level scoop of powder to each fluid ounce of water (approx. 30ml). Level off the powder using the scoop leveler. Do not press down on the powder. 

Step 5:

Place cap(s) back on the bottle and shake vigorously until all the powder has dissolved (usually 15 seconds). 

Step 6:

Cool down the formula to a drinking temperature of approx. 98.6°F (37°C) by holding the bottle under cool running water. Feed immediately. Always test the temperature of the milk before feeding.

6+ m. 150ml
(5.1 oz)
5 170ml
(5.7 oz)
(6 oz)
6 200ml
(6.7 oz)
(7.1 oz)
7 235ml
(7.9 oz)



Organic Whole Milk, Organic Skim Milk, Organic Lactose (From Milk), Organic Demineralized Milk Whey Protein Powder, Organic Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Coconut, Rapeseed), Organic Galacto-Oligosaccharides (From Milk), Calcium Citrate, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Chloride, Docosahexaenoic Acid, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin C, Potassium Hydroxide, Arachidonic Acid, Taurine, Nucleotides (Cytidine-5’Monophosphate, Disodium Uridine-5’Monophosphate, Adenosine-5’-Monophosphate, Disodium Inosine-5’ Monophosphate, Disodium Guanosine-5’Monophosphate), Iron Pyrophosphate, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulfate, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Manganese Sulfate, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin K, Vitamin D3, Biotin, Vitamin B12.

Nutritional Value

Kendamil Organic Bio Nature Stage 2 Nutritional Facts (Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared)

  • Energy 68 kcal
  • Total Fat 3.2 g
    • Saturates 1.3 g
    • Unsaturates 1.9 g
  • Total Carbs 8 g
    • Sugars 7.7 g
    • Lactose 7.4 g
  • Fiber 0.27 g
    • Galacto-oligosaccharides 0.26 g
    • 3'GL 0.01 g
  • Protein (N x 6.25) 1.5 g
  • Vitamin A 58.9 mcg RE
  • Vitamin D3 1.5 mcg
  • Vitamin E 1.4 mg-α-TE
  • Vitamin K 3.9 mcg
  • Vitamin C 8.2 mg
  • Thiamin 0.06 mg
  • Riboflavin 0.14 mg
  • Niacin 0.61 mg
  • Vitamin B6 0.05 mg
  • Folate (DFE) 24 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 0.19 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid 0.44 mg
  • Biotin 2.2 mcg
  • Sodium 26 mg
  • Potassium 72.7 mg
  • Chloride 52.1 mg
  • Calcium 61.7 mg
  • Phosphorus 32.2 mg
  • Magnesium 7.1 mg
  • Iron 0.75 mg
  • Zinc 0.52 mg
  • Copper 0.05 mg
  • Iodine 13.7 mcg
  • Selenium 2.5 mcg
  • Manganese 8.9 mcg
  • Fluoride <0.015 mg
  • Taurine 5.8 mg
  • L-Carnitine 0.9 mg
  • Nucleotides 2.8 mg
  • α-Linolenic Acid (ALA) 40.4 mg
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 17.1 mg
  • Linoleic Acid (LA) 421 mg
  • Arachidonic Acid (ARA) 8.5 mg


Is Kendamil Stage 2 necessary?

This EU organic formula caters perfectly to infants between 6 months and one year, providing all the essential nutrients for children who are not breastfeeding or require additional nourishment.

When should you start Kendamil stage 2?

Transition to Kendamil stage 2 is recommended between 6 to 12 months, immediately following the 6th month milestone.

Can I change to Kendamil immediately?

It's advisable not to switch to Kendamil immediately without consulting a pediatrician. Abrupt changes in formula can cause discomfort and digestive issues in babies. If formula switching is necessary, it should be done gradually and under medical supervision.

Why does Kendamil use whole milk?

Kendamil opts for a whole milk base in its infant formula to provide a natural source of mammal fat, mimicking the fat composition of breast milk, essential for optimal infant growth and development.

Does Kendamil have more fat?

Kendamil's formula contains healthy fats without palm oil additives, prioritizing balanced nutrition for babies without excessive fat content.

Why does Kendamil milk use whole cow's milk?

Whole cow's milk is favored by Kendamil for its similarity to breast milk fat composition, crucial for infant growth and development. Research highlights the importance of selecting fats for optimal child development, making milk fat a preferred choice in infant formulas.

Will babies gain excess weight from Kendamil whole milk?

Studies indicate that consuming Kendamil whole milk does not lead to excessive weight gain or adverse effects on body composition. Kendamil's formula is carefully balanced to support healthy growth without promoting excess weight gain.

What sets apart the classic Kendamil milk range from the Kendamil BIO Nature range?

Both lines maintain high quality standards, with Red Tractor ensuring responsible farming practices. However, the BIO Nature series is certified organic, guaranteeing production aligns with organic principles, excluding artificial fertilizers and GMO raw materials.

Why is palm oil absent from Kendamil milk?

Kendamil avoids palm oil due to concerns over its potential adverse effects on fat and calcium absorption. Additionally, the ethical implications of palm oil production, linked to deforestation, steer Kendamil towards more sustainable alternatives.

Why doesn't Kendamil milk contain fish oil?

DHA, essential for infant development, is sourced from seaweed oil rather than fish oil. This sustainable approach preserves marine ecosystems while providing infants with vital omega-3 acids, crucial for their growth and development.


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