Why You Should Choose Holle Goat Milk Formula Over Local Cow Milk Baby Formula


Understanding which formula is the best for your child can often seem like you are studying for an advanced degree. There are so many options, brands, and variations to choose from that it is easy to get mired down with information overload.

Goat Milk Formula?

There are many types of base formula the most common in the US being synthetic or those based on cow’s milk. Many infants may display intolerance to cow’s milk while health-conscious parents prefer to avoid synthetic completely. Goat milk is more gentle on the stomach and also offers more nutrients than cow milk so it makes sense that some brands would use it for baby formula.

European Organic Goat Milk Formula

There are a lot of organic formula brands and a lot of brands that offer goat milk-based formula, but the number of organic goat milk formulas in the US is rather small. Many formula brands in the EU offer a large range of organic and suitable goat milk formula for all stages. Popular European brands such as Hipp, Holle, and Kabrita offer organic baby formula made from goat milk as a healthy alternative to local cow milk-based formulas.

Why is Organic Goat Milk Formula Better?

Goat milk is very close in structure to cow’s milk, but it is also quite different. Milk and baby formula from cows contain much more lactose which can trigger sensitivities in some children. Goat milk and the formula derived from it also contains lactose but in smaller concentrations. This smaller concentration creates a big difference for infants with sensitive digestive tracts. Your little one will get all of the essential proteins and minerals their body needs while reducing their exposure to allergens.

Organic goat milk also has fewer allergens, and the proteins are closer to mothers' milk than cow milk. Infants who suffer from digestion issues, colic, GERD or other food issues may find goat milk easier to digest. Goat milk fatty acids are much shorter than cow milk fatty acids which makes them easier on the stomach.

Growing children need healthy fat to develop properly, although goat milk has shorter fat chains, the fat content is not lower than cow milk. The formula made from organic goat milk forms softer curds in the stomach than cow milk which helps reduce reflux in infants.

Is Organic Goat Milk From Europe Certified?

Organic certification in Europe is strictly regulated. Organic baby formula brands produce their goat milk baby formula through biodynamic farming. This not only keeps harmful chemicals, antibiotics, and additives out of the formula but also ensures that the land and animals are well cared for during the whole process.

The Last Words From Mommy Formula

Many baby formula brands in Europe offer a diverse range of organic goat milk options for parents who want to give their child a healthier start. When you add in the increased benefits of biodynamic farming, there is no doubt that organic goat milk formula is superior to local cow milk formula.

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