Bath Time For Your Baby!


Many parents seem to have a lot of fun bathing their babies. If done properly, bath time can be relaxing for both mom and baby. Setting a schedule or routine bath time would be ideal, and most parents tend to do it right before bed, as the water is very calming and in many cases, your baby will fall fast asleep. Here are a few baby bath basics for you to try. Another great idea is to always interact with the baby while bathing; this will help them feel more comfortable with the experience.

Step One: Get Prepared

Like with most things you do with your baby you will need to be prepared. Being prepared means having everything that you need for bath time available to you. Get your washcloth, soap, lotion, comb or brush, and a towel.

Step Two: Testing the Water

When running a bath for baby water temperature and levels are important. No matter what source you intend to use for bathing (bathtub, sink, dish pail, or baby bathtub) you need to adjust the temperature and level. The water should be very shallow, not covering much of the baby’s body. To test the temperature, use your wrist (as it is more sensitive than other parts of the body) to ensure that the water is not too hot or too cold for baby. Another good point is to remember to check that the room itself is not too hot or cold for a baby to be in.

Step Three: Taking Off Clothes

Here comes the hard part. Taking off your baby’s clothing can be a bit challenging. Hold the baby close to you so that they feel safe. Make sure to make eye contact and talk to baby while you are doing this as it will help to calm them down. Slowly undress them making sure not to pull or tug too hard at the clothing. If your baby is not a fan of the water, you may want to try sponge baths for a while until they are more comfortable.

Step Four: Rub a Dub, Dub

Place your baby in the tub making sure to hold their head for safety. Use your other hand to wash your baby. Move slowly and remember smiling and talking helps. Start with their face and then move to their diaper area so as not to cause a rash. At this time if you choose you may also add soap and wash your baby’s hair.

Step Five: All Clean Now

Once your baby is all clean, immediately wrap them in the towel. Do not attempt to start cleaning the bath area until you have dried the baby off, got them in new clothes and secured them in a swing, crib, or handed them off to someone else in the house. After you have taken care of baby, clean up and you’re done.

Final Thoughts

As your baby gets older think of new and improved ways to have fun during bath time. Try adding bath toys with bright colors, or singing songs while bathing. Whatever you have to do to make it fun for your little one, go for it! Always ensure the safety of your baby while bathing, if they are really uncomfortable during bath time, come up with ways to clean them that don’t seem so traumatic. As always have fun. Be sure to check out more of our post here on Mommy Formula to find more tips on taking care of your bundle of joy.   

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