How Farming Practices Affect Your Organic Baby Formula


There are a lot of organic products and even organic baby formula on the market but not everything labeled as organic is the same. There is organic, and there is Biodynamic organic which is the gold standard in Europe.

There is a wide range of products and food produced in the US that are free of harmful GMO’s and added chemicals. Most often these are labeled as “organic” but are created using traditional farming methods. Living “cage-free” doesn’t always translate to animals being raised in a comfortable or caring environment which is where Biodynamic farming comes into play.

In Europe, Biodynamic farming is the method used by most if not all organic farmers. This is a method of farming and food production that cares for the environment, the health of the animals, soil fertility, social aspects of the community and even animal husbandry. Every European baby formula that we offer is produced using Biodynamic & Demeter farming methods.

Why Organic Food & Baby Formula Are Better

A few reasons it is best to opt organic while shopping is that there are no chemical toxins in organic food, especially European baby formula. Your body runs on cells, in order to function optimally, they must have the proper clean fuel. A lot of pesticides and chemicals used in mass-produced food can cause your cells to malfunction or even kill them altogether. These toxins also cause weight gain. When your body is unable to filter them out, it will store them in the fat cells to keep them out of your circulation, of course, the more toxins the more fat is created to lock them away.

The minerals in organically grown foods also allow them a longer soil life, which allows the organic food to reap the benefits of the soil, and for the soil to also reap the nutrients of the organic plant so that it can constantly grow healthy fruit and vegetables. When the plants and soil are healthy, it means the people eating them will be healthy too, not to mention that better-nourished plants provide better nourishment for people and even animals. Another great thing about organically grown food is that it is poison-free. When these organic ingredients are used in baby formula, the results are cleaner milk with more nutrients to help your child grow.

Biodynamic farming also means it has not been sprayed with harmful chemicals during the growing process and isn’t contaminated with things such as fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. Organically grown food is also more likely to stay fresh longer. This is because the plants grown organically are nourished naturally, rendering the structural and metabolic integrity of their cellular structure. Organic food, not only benefits the consumer but can also help the grower. Farmers who grow organic goods are less likely to get bad diseased crops, which means they won’t have to worry about as much wastage or harmful disease taking over their crops. Farmers, who choose to grow organic vegetables and fruits, will also have fewer weeds in their crops to worry about. Because organic goods provide a good sum of minerals and are healthier, they have a better chance of fighting off weeds and other pests.

What Exactly Is Biodynamic Farming?

Dr. Rudolf Steiner developed Biodynamic farming in the early 1920s when modern farming practices increased the overall rapid decline in soil fertility. As Biodynamic farming has evolved and improved over time, it is now considered the most ethical, holistic, and ecological approach to gardening, farming, nutrition, and food production. This type of farming helps the local ecosystems diversified and balanced while promoting fertile lands. As a whole, Biodynamic farming works in a unified way to create products that are not only healthy but uniquely sustainable.

Produce grown through Biodynamic farming is done in soil that is tended meticulously. The attention given to the soils allows for the cultivation of helpful bacteria while also protecting the natural fertility balance in the soil. Instead of treating the soil with chemicals or fertilizer, they are imbued with natural herbs, minerals, and old-fashioned manure. This results in crops that have higher nutrition content and are also high in flavonoids. To encourage biodiversity, some ample untouched natural spaces further provide additional ecological protection.

The way animals are treated also plays a big role in Biodynamic farming. Healthy animals that are happy will produce higher-quality ingredients in abundance. Animals in Biodynamic farms are free-range with plenty of lands to wander about during their lifetime. They are also grass-fed and population levels are kept low to prevent overcrowding and disease. This type of attention to care also prevents the need for harsh antibiotics.

There is also a community aspect to Biodynamic farming. In most cases, the farms will have established partnerships with local businesses, schools, and eateries. This encourages growth in the local economy while also building a stronger society through healthy living.

How Do You Know European Formula Is Organic?

The baby formulas from the EU on our site that are certified organic will have the Demeter or Bioland certification label. Each manufacturer that offers organic formulas is either Demeter certified or Bioland certified. That means that each brand's production process starting from the ground up is certified to meet the standards of Biodynamic farming and organic production for their organic formulas. This ensures that the organic milk you feed your infant is free from harmful toxins and full of nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to Biodynamic farming that it is a small wonder that is not the worldwide standard of production. Biodynamic farming helps to create better quality food and materiel while protecting the local environment. Although we may not have access to food that has been produced through Biodynamic farming for all of our meals, at least you can provide organic formula from Biodynamic farming to your infant. This will ensure that your child has the healthiest start possible from the very beginning. European baby formulas that are produced through Biodynamic farming and are guaranteed to offer the nutrition your infant needs.

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