The Importance Of Feeding Newborns Organic European Infant Formula


For infants who will be formula feeding exclusively, it makes sense to pay special attention to what goes into their bodies. Formula feeding offers parents more flexibility with feeding schedules and also helps take the pressure of infant care off of one parent. The last thing any parent would want is to feed their child anything that may be harmful, even if those side effects are minor. When it comes to the best in infant feeding, organic European infant formula is the best option for a child’s growth and overall health. 

Organic infant formulas have been around for quite some time. They offer a wide range of benefits that will give your newborn everything they need for proper development. If you are curious about why you should choose organic European infant formula for your newborn, our blog post may help. We explain five of the top benefits of feeding newborns organic European infant formula, so you can choose if this is the right choice for your family. 

European Organic Infant Formulas Are GMO-Free

GMOs though technically approved for consumption in the US are not actually good for you. Most food and infant formula in the US contains some form of genetically modified organisms which is not good for newborn health. Organic infant formula from Europe is guaranteed to be completely free of GMOs, synthetic ingredients, and artificial fillers. Being natural is healthier for your newborn and also for the environment. 

Most farms in the EU operate on a dynamic farming system. This means that the cows won’t be pumped with toxic antibiotics, and their food won’t be full of toxic pesticides. In fact, the cows are allowed to live in a healthy, happy environment free from environmental toxins which allows them to produce organic milk that is whole and nutritious. 

Organic European infant formula is as close in taste and texture to mother's milk as you will find. You can feed them with the confidence of knowing they are getting all of the nutrients and minerals they need without risking their health by feeding them GMOs.

No Synthetic Ingredients In European Organic Infant Formulas

Organic infant formulas in both the US and EU are free from synthetic ingredients. European organic infant formulas are also free from synthetic processing materials in addition to the basic ingredients. The human body was created to break down natural materials as opposed to harsh synthetics. Newborns have very weak digestive systems that not only are unable to process synthetics very well, and may even experience slower development as a result. Most US infant formula brands use artificial sweeteners to help make the taste of their baby formula more palatable. These sweeteners can cause intolerance in newborns and older children alike. 

Artificial sweeteners and other synthetics have also been linked to higher rates of obesity in infants. With such a new digestive system, it makes sense to only feed your child the best and most pure infant formula possible. This will help you to prevent many common gastrointestinal health problems such as constipation and diarrhea. 

Organic Infant Formula Boost Mental Development

Your child will develop by leaps and bounds during their first year. It is important to give them food and nutrients that help support proper growth during this critical time. Organic infant formula offers a range of benefits for your infant including boosting mental development. EU has strict regulations in place that dictate which vitamins, and minerals must be included in infant formulas. The rules for organic infant formulas are even more strict. 

Most, if not all European organic infant formulas have Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and polyunsaturated fatty acids which is crucial for healthy brain development. Organic formulas also offer a higher concentration of other important nutrients that support both mental infant development and physical infant development. It is also never too early to think about mental health. Studies have shown that infants who get the right nutrition in their early years, including Omega-3 fatty acids, are less likely to develop depression or anxiety later in life. 

The right nutrition from birth will help your child to get a better start in life. They will be more communicative and even more intelligent with the right tools. Proper brain development has also been proven to help reduce the chance of developing certain behavioral problems. With enough Omega-3’s and polyunsaturated fatty acids, you can even protect your newborn from conditions such as ADHD and cerebral palsy. 

Higher Nutritional Content

Just like adults infants love to eat things that taste good. Some infant formulas improve their taste profile by adding sugar and other fillers. While a sweet taste will ensure your newborn eats, there is little point unless their meals are nutritious. Organic European infant formulas place a high priority on providing wholesome nutrition for infants. With this in mind, organic options will provide essential nutrients the support proper bone, brain, and immune system support. 

European organic infant formulas will have a special blend of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids needed for proper health. Your newborn's immune system, organs, and red blood cell production will get a boost with each bottle while also helping to protect your infant from free radicals. European organic infant formulas are superior when it comes to nutritional content and quality because they pay close attention to what goes into their products. 

Better Options For Fussy Eaters

While most newborns are healthy at birth, some have special nutritional needs. Newborns and infants that suffer from infant reflux can benefit greatly from organic European infant formula. In some cases, infants may even have a more serious condition such as GERD. An anti-reflux European organic formula may help soothe their symptoms. Infants who often struggle with gas and constipation may see these problems disappear when they switch to all organic feeding options. 

Final Thoughts From Mommy Formula on Organic Infant Formula for Newborns

We hope that our post regarding organic European infant formula will help you make the right decision for your newborn. We carry many of the top brands from Europe such as Kabrita, Holle, Nanny Care, and HiPP. If you have any questions about organic infant formulas for newborns, we are always happy to help.

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