Questions To Ask When Choosing A European Infant Formula


Are you getting ready to welcome a new member of the family? Perhaps you already have a newborn and are considering supplementing or transitioning to infant formula. If so, chances are you have a lot of questions about which European infant formula to choose. All European infant formulas offer a rich blend of vitamins and minerals that are ideal for infant development. Also, infant formula from the EU is free from harmful additives, synthetic ingredients, and GMOs. 

Picking the right European infant formula for your bundle of joy requires both thought and research. If you are thinking of following an organic diet, this is especially true. Mommy Formula has put together a list of questions you should ask when considering which European infant formula to feed your child

Which Milk Protein Is Best For My Baby?

When you think about milk and infant formula it is easy to assume that all baby formulas use cow’s milk. While the majority of infant formula is based on cow’s milk, there are also other options. European goat milk infant formula and soy milk infant formula are healthy alternatives. Goat milk infant formula is perfect for infants who have sensitive stomachs, or who suffer from other digestive problems. Infants who are allergic to lactose or who come from vegan families can also benefit from soy-based infant formula. 

Soy-based infant formulas are able to offer the same nutrition as those created with animal milk proteins. Instead of animal proteins, soy proteins are combined with sucrose or glucose instead. This is an ideal option for both vegan families and infants who suffer from lactose intolerance. There are also hydrolyzed formulas that are created for infants with certain medical conditions and preterm infants. 

Which Form of European Infant Formula Should You Buy?

Baby formula comes in a few different formulations. There are ready-to-feed liquids, concentrates, and infant formula powders. Regardless of the formulation or the brand, all European infant formula types offer the same high-quality nutrition. The main difference is the way you will have to prepare each bottle and the shelf life of the infant formula itself. Of course, some types are also more expensive than others. 

Ready-to-feed liquids are the most expensive but also require the least amount of work. All you need to do is fill the bottle, warm the milk, and feed your baby. This type also has the shortest shelf life. Once opened this type of infant formula must be used within 24 hours. Concentrated liquids are the second most expensive type of infant formula. They must be mixed with water prior to use, however, they also require little effort. Once opened, concentrated infant formulas must be used within 48 hours. Powder form infant formulas are the most budget-friendly and also have the longest shelf life. The powder form can be stored for several months so long as it is placed in a cool, dry area. You will need to follow the mixing directions on the package in order to prepare this type before feeding it to your baby.

What Nutritional Content Is Provided?

Everyone wants their child to grow up happy, healthy, and strong. In order to do so, their meals need to have all of the nutrients required for healthy physical growth and proper brain development. Any European infant formula you choose should have a generous concentration of calcium for proper bone tooth, and muscle development. All European infant formulas are fortified with iron to help ensure proper brain development. Iron is also important for healthy muscles and organs. 

Infant formula that is rich in Vitamin C will help with immune support and wound healing while Vitamin A will ensure proper vision, hair, skin health. Vitamins B12 and D work to improve calcium absorption and will also ensure your infant has healthy blood and nerve cells. Proper amounts of protein will help your child grow, but make sure that the infant formula you choose is not protein-heavy. Excessive levels of sugar and proteins can lead to childhood obesity. DHA is now included in all infant formula from the EU, and many also include extra Omega-3’s ad folate. These work to improve vision and cognitive development. 

Is The Brand Organic?

Many European infant formula brands are organic, but not all. All infant formula from Europe however is the source from biodynamic farming. For families dedicated to maintaining an organic lifestyle, there are several options from the EU such as Lebenswert brand infant formula and HiPP brand infant formula. Organic infant formulas are made from ingredients grown in healthy conditions without the use of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, or sludge-based fertilizers. The plant bases and even the feed used for the cows are free from GMOs.

A lot of families prefer organic options over traditional farming because they are produced without the use of harmful chemicals, toxic pesticides, and other harmful additives. Organic food and ingredients are also more environmentally friendly and have a higher concentration of important nutrients such as omega-3’s. With no harmful chemicals and higher nutritional content, it makes sense that organic infant formulas are also easier for infants to digest. 

Organic European infant formulas are also able to boost the immune system function and the added fatty acids support healthy brain development. When choosing an infant formula for organic households, make sure to choose a European formula that lists organic on the label. 

What Type of European Infant Formula is Best For Our Lifestyle?

Every family has its own schedule and lifestyle. Your infant will also have their own preferences and needs. It is important to choose an infant formula that fits your infant's needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. For parents who are always on the go, it may be worth it to use ready to feed infant formulas, while those who prefer to buy in bulk may stick with powder infant formulas. 

Changing infant formula types and brands should be done with care because infants tend not to tolerate constant changes. It may take some time to find the perfect infant formula to suit your child’s taste, but once you do, it is a good idea to stick with it. If you need help choosing a European infant formula, Mommy Formula is always here to help.

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