5 Things You Didn’t Know About HiPP Infant Formula


There are several high-quality European infant formula brands to choose from, but one that sets itself apart is the HiPP brand. HiPP is an organic infant feeding brand that is dedicated to offering high quality and nutritious food that is 100% organic. In addition to infant formula, HiPP also offers a range of juices, cereals, bathing products based on the same founding principles as their infant formulas. If you want to learn more about HiPP, then you will enjoy reading about these five things that you may not have known about HiPP infant formula.

#1 HiPP Has Three Main Formula Subsidiaries

HiPP in itself is the main parent company that controls formulation, quality, and product creation choices. The brand has control over how their infant formulas are made, and what goes into each type. That being said, there are three main subsidiaries of HiPP that cater to specific markets.

HiPP Combiotik

HiPP Dutch, HiPP UK, and HiPP Germany. Although all three offer a slightly different line of infant formulas, every one of them follows the HiPP organic philosophy. Each range of infant formula from all three sources offer the best nutrition available for your child with quality backed guarantees you can trust.

If you are wondering why the HiPP has different infant formula for different countries, the simple answer is that the formula is made to fit each market. Some countries prefer certain things in their infant formula, while others don’t, HiPP customizes its offering in response to the customer’s needs. The main difference between HiPP Dutch, HiPP UK, and HiPP Germany is the addition of probiotics and the starch content.

#2 HiPP Uses Unique Ingredients To Boost Infant Health

All infant formula has added nutrients such as iron and calcium to help support proper infant development. HiPP infant formula takes things a step further to help their infant formulas to better resemble breast milk.

Special probiotics and prebiotics similar to those found in breast milk are added to many formulas under the HiPP label. All of the Combiotik infant formulas from HiPP contain galacto-oligosaccharides, which are prebiotic fibers that help support healthy bowel movements and help infants to maintain a healthy gut. HiPP Germany and HiPP Dutch add both probiotics and prebiotics to several of their stages.

Hipp Good Night Milk

Hipp Good Night Milk

Starch is another additive that is included to help keep babies satiated. HiPP includes these in their later stages and in their good night formula to help your infant stay full longer. If you prefer to avoid starch in your infant formula, HiPP has several that offer the same nutrition without added starches. In addition, all HiPP infant formula has added iron, and many have DHA which further supports healthy nerve and brain development.

#3 HiPP Uses Superior Ingredients

There are a lot of standard ingredients that just about every infant formula brand will use, but with HiPP, their choices are a cut above the rest. HiPP infant formulas contain lactose, just as is found in breast milk.

The sugars glucose and galactose are the main principal carbohydrates in the infant formula which give it the naturally sweet taste that babies love. Unlike many traditional US-based infant formulas, the natural lactose in HiPP infant formulas is used as a source of healthy fat as well as a sweetener. All HiPP infant formulas use organic cow or goat milk fat as opposed to synthetic fillers.

Some of the later stages if HiPP infant formula uses healthy fats such as palm oil that helps to mimic breast milk. Maltodextrin is also used in conjunction with lactose as a sweetener. Not all stages of HiPP infant formula use Maltodextrin, so for parents who want to avoid it in their child’s diet, make sure to read the labels carefully. Prebiotics and probiotics are added to improve gut health and to support healthy development. These are also helpful in boosting infant immune systems.

#4 HiPP Believes in Sustainability

There is a lot of talk about eco-friendly business practices and reducing carbon footprints. HiPP not only believes in using resources efficiently, but it has also always has practiced sustainability. Organic farming goes hand in hand with preserving the environment and taking care of the animals used for production. HiPP has achieved CO2-neutral production, organic production. And even reduced energy use to smaller than average amounts for those in the same industry. HiPP created a guideline in 1995 that calls for constant improvement in the company’s manufacturing and farming processes.

HiPP helps to preserve the eco-system by using environmentally-friendly technology, which in turn reduces the amount of damage production has on the environment. Most resources HiPP makes used of are renewable, and those that are finite are used sparingly.

To that end, packing for infant formulas and other HiPP products is always minimal, and most of those are crafted from secondary and recyclable materials. Along with the company, HiPP also gives information to the consumer to use HiPP infant formulas in a way that prevents or greatly reduces waste. Every supplier starting from the farms where milk is sourced to the supplier of the paper or containers used for packaging is also committed to sustainability as long as they work with HiPP.

#5 HiPP Infant Formula is Fully Organic

Many European brands offer both organic and non-organic, but sustainable infant formulas. HiPP is different than most in that all infant formulas it offers are fully organic. HiPP firmly believes that infants need healthy food that is not tainted by harmful chemicals, pesticides, or even antibiotics.  

A lot of time and effort goes into the selection of the soil, seeds, and everything else that will eventually make it into any HiPP infant formula or HiPP infant food. There are over 260 different quality checks not only at the processing plant but also at the farms that are part of the HiPP supply chain. The brands take infant nutrition to heart and strive to only deliver the best for children all over the world. You can count on quality and nutrition when you see the HiPP Organic Seal on the infant formula and on their infant meals.

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