5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kabrita Infant Formula


If your little one has had a hard time with different infant formulas, chances are you have been on the lookout for a good goat milk infant formula. European goat milk formulas have the double advantage of being easy on little stomachs and extra nutritious thanks to the strict farming regulation in the EU. While goat milk is always a second choice behind cow milk formulas according to pediatricians, for those who have infants with digestive issues, it is a wonderful option. 

Karbita Stage One Goat Milk Formula

European infant formula brands have defiantly been getting a lot of hype in recent years. Among those that offer goat milk infant formula, Kabrita is at the top of the list. Mommy formula always wants to provide the most information available to our clients to help them make an informed choice when it comes to infant feeding options. We have put together a list of five things you may not have known about Kabrita infant formula and how it can benefit your child. 

Is Goat Milk Healthy For Infants – All About The Protein

According to pediatricians, aside from breast milk, cow milk is the next best source of nutrition for infants. That being said, some infants have a sensitivity to cow milk that makes it hard for them to digest. Goat milk is a great option for those who have trouble tolerating cow milk-based infant formulas. 

The majority of proteins in goat milk and cow milk are the same, but there are some differences. There are some unique proteins that cow milk contains that are not present in goat milk, which makes it easier for some children to digest. There is a big difference between sensitivity and allergy, so if your infant has a milk allergy, they won’t be able to digest goat milk either. Goat milk proteins are smaller which makes them easier for infants to digest, they also contain an equal if not higher concentration of some nutrients which makes it a healthy choice for babies with cow milk sensitivities. 

Healthy Palm Oils

Palm oil is a healthy type of fat that helps to give infant formula the right amount of nutrients to help babies grow. As healthy as palm oil may be in comparison to other oils, there are still some downsides to using it. Less refined palm oils cause calcium soap to form in the intestine and in some cases, it can also result in constipation. Kabrita brand uses a very specific type of palm oil in its infant formulas which gives babies all the positives, without the negatives. Constipation? No problem, the oil Kabrita uses helps to soften stools which also leads to a happier baby. No calcium soap will be formed with their highly refined blend either. While many infant formula brands use palm oil, we can say with confidence that Kabrita’s blend is unique. 

Added Whey In Kabrita Infant Formula

Infant formula created to be a replacement for breast milk. While cow’s milk infant formulas may offer the closest in nutrition content without enrichment, goat milk also comes close. Goat milk infant formula is easier to digest because the proteins are similar in size and type to human breast milk. In addition, Kabrita includes additional goat milk whey to their baby formulas. This increases the whey/casein ratio in the infant formula to more resemble the natural whey/casein ratio in human breast milk. 

Added Nutrients Such As DHA

There is no question that European infant formulas are often much more nutritious than those commonly sold in the US. Not only are European brands held to higher standards of testing, but the farming process and treatment of animals in the EU results in a much better product. Kabrita uses 100% lactose as the carbohydrate for all of their goat milk infant formula stages. That means no filler or empty calories for your precious LO. 

Karbita Stage Two Goat Milk Formula

In the EU, there are three main providers of goat milk formula. Nanny Care, Holle, and Kabrita. While all three offer a healthy range of beneficial products for your infant, only Kabrita used DHA in their formula. DHA is mostly found in fatty fish, but of course, your little one is not quite ready for solids. It is an essential nutrient that helps encourage healthy nerve and brand development which is critical for proper infant growth. Kabrita also includes iron and calcium in their infant formula to make sure that every child has the building blocks they need to start off in a healthy manner. 

No Synthetics

When searching for infant formula for your little one, the goal is to find one that simulates breast milk as closely as possible. The human body doesn’t produce synthetic ingredients, and your infant formula should not include them either. Most infant formulas will add whey, but the source is what is important. Kabrita only uses natural goat milk whey, never synthetics. Goat milk also naturally contains less lactose than breast milk.

Although goat milk is very healthy, it is important to increase the concentration to maintain a healthy balance for infant development. Some brands may use synthetics as filler to help fill the gap, but Kabrita only uses more goat lactose to balance out the concentrations of carbohydrates to help their infant formula come as close to mom’s milk as possible. That means you will never find, L-Carnitine or taurine which are synthetics. Kabrita does add palmitic acid in the form of beta palmitate, however, this fat blend comes from a natural source as opposed to being created in a lab. The purpose is to simulate the fat content that you would normally get from breast milk.

Get The Most Out Of Your European Infant Formula

We know that when it comes to your baby, you will want all of the research on hand before making a choice of which infant formula to purchase. Here at Mommy Formula, we understand your desire to only provide the best for your child.

We aim to give you access to the best European infant formula brands on the market at an affordable price. If you are interested in a quality goat milk infant formula, we wholly recommend Kabrita brand baby formula.

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