What You Need To Know About Loulouka Formula


There are a lot of baby formula brands on the market that can make choosing the best for your baby difficult. One thing is for certain, organic infant formulas are a cut above the rest in terms of nutrition content, safety, and digestibility. While that may cut down your list of options a bit, there are still a large number of organic infant formula brands to consider.

European infant formulas are among the best organic baby formulas to choose from. HiPP, Nanny Care, and Holle are some of the big names you have most likely heard at least once.

Another brand has entered the organic infant formula arena and has been stirring up hundreds of rave reviews from parents all over the world. Loulouka infant formula is currently trending among European infant formulas, but with it being so new, you may be wondering if they are worth the hype.

Mommy Formula prides ourselves on staying up to date with everything that has to do with European infant formula and we have the 411 on Loulouka infant formula that you are looking for.

Who is Loulouka?

The Loulouka brand was created in 2012 by two parents who have worked in the infant formula industry for over a decade. They loved the idea of organic infant formula but wanted to create a line that did not contain soy or palm oil.

Another target was to create a line of infant formula that utilizes a base made from whole milk. After years of product research, the Loulouka brand was approved by the regulatory bodies in the EU and was formally launched for sale in 2019.

Like all European infant formulas, the Loulouka brand follows the strict regulations and adheres to the high standards formulated in Switzerland for those producing infant consumables. The farms in Switzerland are environmentally friendly and certified organic by the EU.

What Sets Loulouka Infant Formula Apart?

Plant-based infant formulas may be a preferred, or required option for some families, however, Loulouka only uses whole cow’s milk in their infant formula range. There are no soy proteins, soy oils, or soy lecithin in any of the formulas they produce. Soy has been proven to have a negative long term effect on health when consumed during infancy. As a result, Loulouka is committed to only offering infant formula that is free of soy and any type of soy derivatives.

European infant formula brands get so much business from US-based parents for a reason. The farming regulations are very strict in the EU, as are the standards for anything that is labeled as organic. There are many benefits to feeding your child organic infant formula over traditional baby formula.

Loulouka brand infant formula is sourced from cows that were raised and live in an organic farming environment. In Switzerland, cows are treated more like family rather than work animals. They are allowed to roam freely and nibble on natural grass and fresh hay at their leisure. This produces higher-quality milk that is much more nutritious.  In addition to their t higher standard of living, there are no preservatives, hormones, chemicals, or pesticides used during milk production.

Whole cow’s milk contains a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals that babies need for efficient development.

Whole milk naturally has higher levels of iron and vitamin D that are critical for healthy bones and a strong immune system. There are also no GMOs or synthetic ingredients in any of the Loulouka brand infant formulas.

Let’s Talk About Loulouka Ingredients

Fat is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Healthy fats are essential to keep the body running, and in the case of babies, to support their growth. Loulouka infant formulas differ from many other brands on the market due to the source of healthy fats used. Most organic infant formula will use palm oil in order to help mimic the nutrient in breast milk.

Palm oil additionally contains beta-carotene and vitamin E, both of which are good for eye and skin development. It is one of the best types of oil to feed infants or even adults.  

The main reason Loulouka infant formulas do not contain palm oils is because of the tremendous impact palm farming has on the environment. Instead, they utilize coconut oil as the primary source of fat which also comes close to mimicking breast milk thanks to its 15.8% palmitic acid concentration.

Lactose is the main source of sugar in any type of milk. Breast milk, cow milk, and goat milk all contain lactose. Soy milk is not produced from mammary glands and does not contain lactose, which is one of the reasons it is suitable for infants with lactose allergies or lactose intolerance. For everyone else, lactose is a critical ingredient that defines milk and milk-based infant formulas.

Some infant formula brands will lower their lactose content and replace their sugars with brown rice syrup, glucose syrup solids, corn syrup, or even plain white sugar to reduce cost. While hypoallergenic infant formulas must use maltodextrin or other healthy sugars, in milk-based formulas they are simply filler. Loulouka will always use the best carbohydrates, lactose, for their infant formulas.

Our Thoughts

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality organic infant formula that is free of fillers and made from whole milk, you will really enjoy Loulouka. Made without palm oils or any type of soy additives, this infant formula is a great option for families who are looking to give their child a healthy head start.

Loulouka carries EU organic certifications just like all of our other European infant formulas so you can purchase with confidence. The Loulouka brand uses organic milk from Swiss farms and is specially formulated for infants from birth to twelve months.

Here at Mommy Formula, we are committed to bringing you the best European infant formulas on the market, and Loulouka firmly places on our list of approved brands. For more information or to place an order, check out our website today.

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