How Dad Can Help With Essentials Before The Baby Arrives


There are a lot of things you need to prepare prior to the arrival of your bundle of joy. Men often feel left out when a baby is on the way because all of the attention is aimed at you like the new mom. Mothers give a lot of time and effort to ensuring their nest is ready but fathers are equally interested in helping out. Plus, they can see all of the changes that are taking place in terms of your physical and hormonal state, and this can leave your loved one feeling a tad out of control of the situation. Mommy Formula has a few suggestions to get dad involved while getting the house ready for the new arrival at the same time.

Essentials Dad Can Prepare In Advance

Dad wants to get involved, so why not help him out by letting him collect a list of essentials for the new arrival? These are just some of the items that you will need on hand around the home for your new baby. While there are many other things you may also need, we feel these are some of the most important products you should have on hand.


The most obvious items you will need are diapers and wipes. If you are looking to go the organic route then stop by and pick up some Honest Brand newborn diapers or Earth & Eden Organic diapers for newborns. The last thing you want is to have to rush off to the store while your new baby is screaming with a full diaper. While you are out, make sure to pick up some diaper cream to soothe irritated bottoms and prevent diaper rash. We suggest a well-loved world favorite Desitin, or for those looking for an organic option, Magic Stick All natural diaper balm. Wipes are always needed from birth through the toddler years. Instead of buying expensive brands in small quantities, it is more cost-effective to purchase a bulk box from a wholesale outlet like Costco or Wal-Mart.

First Aid Kit

First aid is something that is also of the utmost importance. Make sure you have a kit to hand and also that you have compiled a list of emergency telephone numbers such as that of your pediatrician, the emergency center at the hospital and your local poison center. It would be prudent to tape this to the fridge or a cupboard door where it can easily be found. Placing this list near the home phone and on the quick dial of any mobile phones is also a good idea. You can also purchase a ready-made first aid kits such as The First Years American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit and the Kikkerland First Aid Kit. Dads can also make their own kits filled with essentials that are handpicked to meet their babies' needs. It is important that you have a gentle soap for cleansing, especially when your child gets a cut or graze. Be aware that the traditional liquids such as iodine are no longer recommended as they are considered to be too aggressive for newborn skin.

Nursing Aids & Feeding Essentials

A lot of the first weeks with your newborn will be spent feeding them and watching them sleep. We suggest you enjoy these gentle days of quiet comfort because they don’t last very long. If mom plans to nurse, it is a good idea to stock up on breastfeeding aids and essentials. Breast pumps from Medala are an option, or you can ask her OB for more personalized suggestions. A nipple cream such as Lansinoh is a perfect item for new mothers. The cream helps to heal dry skin, soothe chapped nipples, and is also safe for your baby. Also, consider purchasing a nursing pillow to help her support the baby during feedings.

Families that plan to bottle feed or those who plan to do a combination of both should start researching formulas early. There are a lot of different baby formulas on the market, and each has its own benefits. Organic baby formulas are always a good idea for newborns. Organic formulas have no harmful chemicals and are gentle on the stomach which is exactly what your new baby needs to thrive. We suggest Hipp UK stage one formula or Holle Goat Stage 1 goat milk for your newborn. Both formulas are organic, gentle on the stomach and have all of the vital nutrients your little ones need to grow up strong. Make sure to stock up on infant bottles, replacement bottle nipples, and pacifiers to keep your little one happy and well-fed during their first weeks of life.

Infant Medications & Tools

We will list a few essentials you should stock up on, but make sure to check out our blog post on what to store in your medicine cabinet (here). Fever can be one of the first illnesses that your new baby encounters. Make sure to have a thermometer on hand which is either battery operated or one that is digital. These types of thermometers are far more accurate than the traditional brands and will last you well into your child’s school years.

Nasal congestion can occur in new babies as they get used to breathing the air around them as opposed to being protected inside the womb. If this problem does occur, it will be handy to have a syringe or bulb, called a nasal aspirator, made specifically for removing mucus in the nasal passage. When you have purchased the above two items you will also need some alcohol that will enable you to sterilize them after use. Boiling is also a good way to sterilize any medical tools such as medicine droppers and nasal bulbs that you use on your baby.

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