Holle VS Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula

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Chances are you have stumbled upon our blog because you are in the process of researching the best choice of organic baby formula from Europe. Some of the most well-known organic brands in the EU are HiPP, Lebenswert, and Holle. While all three are quality organic baby formula brands, let’s take a closer look at the difference between HiPP and Lebenswert organic baby formula.

German Baby Formula Over American Formula?

HiPP and Lebenswert are not directly marketed or sold in the US, but there are a large number of third party providers that can offer quality organic formulas for your child. The main reason the interest in the foreign-produced organic baby formula has grown is due to the ingredients in the products. In the US, there are many ingredients included in the baby formula that can do more harm than good in developing infants. As this information becomes more widely known, more parents seek alternative organic options for their children.

 Is There A “Top” Formula?

When it comes to baby formula, choosing to feed your child an organic option over a synthetic option is always best. Between organic brands such as Hipp vs Holle vs Lebenswert, it often comes down to the specific needs of your infant along with your personal choice.

Let’s go over the differences and similarities between Holle and Lebenswert organic baby formula to help you choose which may be best for your child.

 Holle & Lebenswert Comparison

Both brands offer an organic baby formula made in Europe with only the best ingredients available. In fact, Lebenswert's parent brand is Holle which means that they will have more in common with each other and only minimal differences.

Both brands use ingredients sourced from biodynamic farming practices and follow anthroposophical principles. Biodynamic farming is one of the best ways to raise animals and plants since it works on the premise that plants, animals, and the soil are all a single intermixed system. Due to this mindset, this form of farming excludes any and all use of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and synthetic additives of any form. What that means for your baby formula is that it will be completely organic, pure and free from harmful additives.

Differences Between Holle & Lebenswert

Holle and Lebenswert organic baby formulas have a few differences, one of the main being the use of maltodextrin. Holle organic formula contains maltodextrin in their stage 1-3 baby formulas. Lebenswert additionally uses maltodextrin in their stage 2 & 3 baby formulas. The rest of the stages including their pre-stages do not contain the starch. Maltodextrin comes from starch and is a polysaccharide. It is still a natural ingredient and won’t harm your infant.

Holle organic infant formulas also have a higher fat percentage than Lebenswert organic baby formulas. There is approximately a 5-gram fat difference between the brands. Some children may have a higher nutritional requirement that would make a Holle a worthier choice while other children would benefit from lower-fat content. Both formula brands are organic, healthy and present an effective feeding option for your child.

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  • Posted on by Katherine

    I have been looking online for a while now trying to figure out which formula to put my 4 months old baby girl on and i made up my mind for HIPP but i have read a lot about how Holle Goat milk is closest to breast milk and you have also said the same thing in your article.. So I am gonna order Holle from this online store. Heard they deliver pretty quick.

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