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We are very picky with the products we offer our customers. When it comes to your child, we know you want the best available, which is what we always aim to provide. With this in mind, we offer a diverse range of organic baby formulas from Europe to fit the needs of your family. Two of our leading brands are HiPP and Holle, which are extremely well known and trusted all over the EU. Considering that both brands are very similar and equally popular, it may be hard to choose the best one for your child. To help make the process easier, we will go over the main differences between the brands and their product lines.

Are Both HiPP and Holle Organic?

HiPP baby formula and Holle baby formula are both organic. Each company follows a high standard when producing its products and each bears organic certification. The main difference is that they are certified by two different yet equally trustworthy organizations. Further differences between their products are simply the formulation and offerings in their respective lines, however, their organic standards are nearly identical.

HiPP vs Holle Farming Standards

Both HiPP and Holle follow biodynamic farming. Hipp brand is a Biodynamic certified company and Holle is a Demeter certified company. Both certifications are for organic companies that agree to adhere to a sustainable and organic farming process. What that means is that both Demeter and Biodynamic certified companies respect the land and animals as well as the welfare of the communities around them. Both HiPP and Holle are dedicated to keeping the soil on their farms fertile while reducing the ecological impact of their production efforts. Along with the land, the animals are free from antibiotics, live in a free-range manner and are well respected during their life spans. Overall, that results in a healthy organic baby formula that is free from harmful chemicals and antibiotics that can have negative long-term effects on infant development.

HiPP vs. Holle In Depth

There is a lot to compare between brands when searching for the best organic baby formula from Europe for your child. When trying to compare HiPP and Holle however, this can be difficult since they are both actually the same brand but with different organic certifications. There still are some small differences that set them apart that may make it easier to choose which brand is best for your infant.

Holle organic baby formula and HiPP organic baby formula are both compatible replacements for breast milk. Both brands also suffice as a breast milk supplement for growing infants. Another big difference between the brands is the price. Holle is a more affordable brand while HiPP is more costly. HiPP also has a higher aluminum content in its organic baby formulas when compared to Holle.

One important difference to note between the brands is that Holle uses maltodextrin in their organic baby formula as a sweetener. Maltodextrin is a plant-based sweetener that is completely organic and natural. HiPP also uses a sweetener in their baby formulas however instead of sugar they use lactose. Infants who may have an intolerance to either ingredient will get the same health benefits by consuming the alternative brand.

Final Thoughts from Mommy Formula...

Both brands are organic and produce the high-quality baby formula you want for your child. Both brands also offer a high level of simple nutrition that follows organic standards.  You can't go wrong with either brand of formula here. 

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