The Top 5 European Infant Formulas Of 2020


Feeding your child is one of the most important things you can do to support their development. Choosing what goes into their bodies with care and proper research will ensure that they are afforded the healthiest start possible. One of the smartest ways to encourage healthy development and efficient gut health is to feed your child European infant formula. Baby formula from the EU is much healthier than local brands and is also closer to breastmilk which makes digestion much easier. If you are not sure which brand to choose, we can help. Mommy Formula has put together a list of the top 5 European infant formulas of 2020 for your consideration.


The Kabrita brand is a smaller division of the Ausnutria group of companies. Kabrita and Neolac, owned by the Ausnutria group offer infant formula made from goat milk as well as infant formula from organic cow’s milk. Ausnutria has been in the dairy industry for well over a century which gives them the knowledge and experience to formulate quality infant nutrition from their farms to your home. The majority of the goat milk for their infant formulas are sourced from eco-friendly farms in the Netherlands. Production is completed in Heerenveen, Kampen, Leeuwarden, and Ommen. Just like other brands in Europe, the infant formula is produced using eco-friendly means without the addition of pesticides, preservatives, and other harmful fillers. The brand offers a wide range of infant formulas for premature babies all the way to children in their toddler years. If you are looking for a long-standing brand that know the needs of the public, Kabrita is an excellent choice.


Holle brand infant formula is one of the top manufacturers of infant formula in Europe. They have locations in several places in the EU such as in Germany, Switzerland and in the UK. It offers a wide range of infant formulas, and baby follow on milk to cover all stages of feeding. Like most infant formula companies in Europe, Holle places a lot of emphasis on sustainability, high-quality ingredients and organic as well as eco-friendly farming. Along with a high morality business model, Holle also holds several certifications for their production locations and their farming methods. All of the products that Holle produces are Demeter certified so you can purchase them with confidence.


When nature is in harmony, it produces high-quality ingredients. Lebenswert offers premium infant formula and baby food that comes from Bioland farming. The entire process is certified by the government and an independent agency to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is in tune with Bioland farming methods.

When the land, animals, and humans work together and respect each other, it creates food that is nutritious and healthy. Like all European infant formula brands, Lebenswert avoids the use of synthetic agents, chemical fertilizers and harmful antibiotics. They also offer organic infant formula options that are produced using strict standards. In German, the name Lebenswert actually means livable. The company wants your child to thrive but not at the expense of the earth which is why all of their products follow Bioland Association guidelines.

Nanny Care

Nanny Care brand baby formula is actually the first brand to offer goat milk formula in the UK. Many infants who suffer from stomach upset, colic, or who have other digestive problems are able to benefit from infant milk formulated from goats milk. Nanny Care has been around for almost three decades, and since they opened their doors they have been committed to providing wholesome infant formula for babies all over the world. Nanny Care infant formulas are ESPA approved, processed with minimal heat, and are free from harmful additives. Their goat milk formulas are also recognized as equivalent to infant formula made from soy milk or cow milk.


HiPP is a brand for families that is also run by a family. It has been in the organic infant formula business for over 60 years. HiPP has built its business model on sustainable farming and producing infant nutrition that nurtures your child while protecting nature at the same time. All of HiPP’s production lines practice sustainable farming and is one of the top producers of organic raw materials in the entire world. Pesticides have no place in the world of HiPP, and organic is king when it comes to the ingredients they put into their infant formula and baby food. HiPP follows the regulated standards set forth in the EU for infant formula and goes beyond those organic standards to create a well-rounded product suitable for even the fussiest eaters. You will never find artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or chemicals in HiPP infant formulas, so you can be confident in your choice when you choose HiPP.

Choosing the Best European Infant Formula For Your Baby

There are many infant formula brands from Europe to choose from, but each of those listed above offers healthy, wholesome nutrition you can feel good about. We suggest you take some time to research each brand and review their offerings. Every child is different, and what works for one may not work for the other. If you have an infant who suffers from colic or constipation, we suggest brands that offer goat milk formulas. If you have an infant that has a very strong appetite, brands that offer cow milk formulas are also a good option.

Each of these brands offers a variety of stages starting from newborn all the way through the toddler years. Follow-on milk is also available from most brands for families who want to make sure their toddler is getting the nutrients they need as they enter the next stage in their development. Whatever your need, there is sure to be a European infant formula that will work for your family.

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