HiPP Formula has been a trusted source of nutrition for babies for over 120 years. The HiPP company was founded on the principle of providing quality organic foods that are good for both people and the environment.

HiPP organic baby formula has a rich history that dates back to 1897 when Joseph HiPP and Maria Ostermayer married and had twins. Unfortunately, the babies suffered from malnutrition and Joseph HiPP was determined to find a solution. He developed a special rusk flour enriched milk formula that saved the lives of his twin babies and helped them to thrive.

The Beginnings

By the late 1800's, Joseph Hipp, a native of Günzburg an der Donau, had been working at a bakery and candle store in Pfaffenhofen. He eventually purchased the store and made it his own.

In 1897, Joseph Hipp and Maria Ostermayer from Pfaffenhofen began their family journey with a daughter born in 1898. But when they were blessed with twins in 1899, they faced a great challenge. Maria was having difficulty breastfeeding, and Joseph had to come up with a creative solution. Drawing on his talent as a baker, he made a flour out of rusks to enrich the milk and make it more filling. His plan worked, and the twins were saved! Joseph and Maria would go on to have five more children, all thanks to Joseph's ingenuity.

HiPP's Growth and Expansion Over The Years

In the 1950s, Joseph’s grandson, George Hipp, started the cultivation of fruit and vegetables on natural soils and without the use of chemicals. The Rusk formula was still available until the 1970s.

George Hipp then decided to manufacture weaning foods to expand their product range, which included juices, junior foods, children’s desserts, and children’s menus. They also changed their packaging from tins to hygienically safe jars.

The family owned Ehrensberg farm was then converted to organic production. As a pioneer of organic farming, Claus Hipp traveled from farmer to farmer to convince them of his idea, and he eventually managed to build up a network of organic farm contractors. This allowed for a more sustainable, healthier and environmentally friendly way of producing food.

HiPP Formula Today

Since then, HiPP has continued to grow and expand, becoming the largest processor of organic-biological raw materials in the world. They remain dedicated to their founding principle of providing quality organic foods that are good for both people and the environment.

Today, HiPP Formula is still one of the most popular baby formulas available due to its high quality and nutritional value. It is a testament to the dedication of the HiPP company to their founding principle of providing quality organic foods that are good for both people and the environment.

HiPP's Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

HiPP formula is committed to providing the highest quality, safest, and most sustainable products for their customers. They use only the freshest ingredients and never compromise on quality. They put our customers first, and strive to make sure that every product meets the highest standards of safety and sustainability. Their commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that their products are safe, healthy, and reliable. They are proud to be a leader in the industry and strive to make a positive impact on the environment.


Hipp infant formula has been an integral part of the health and nutrition of infants since the early 20th century. Not only is it a nutritionally complete formula, it is also the most trusted and widely used formula in the world. Hipp infant formula has been instrumental in helping infants receive the right nutrition and help them grow and develop properly. With its long history and proven track record, Hipp infant formula is the ideal choice for parents who want to give their babies the best start in life.

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