European Baby Formula vs American: Is European Formula Safe?


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In your mind’s eye, you already see your little angel changing the world one day. But they won’t get there on their own: They’ll need plenty of training, encouragement, and support — oh, and more than a few bottles of good-quality milk to start them off in the right direction. 

The question is, what type of formula does your little one need to grow up healthy and strong?

The reality is, not all baby formulas are created equal. Specifically, when you compare European baby formula vs American formulas, you can find a slew of differences that matter to your child’s health. These include American and European baby formula requirements per FDA and European Commission standards, for example.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about European baby formula vs American formulas and why European formulas are the best options.

European Baby Formula vs American Formula Iron Content

As you shop for baby formula, you’ll notice that American and European baby formula requirements per FDA and European Commission standards are vastly different when it comes to their iron content.

Infant formulas in the United States generally contain larger amounts of iron than European formulas do. This is because FDA officials allow formula manufacturers to include as much as 3.3 mg/100kcal of iron in their products. 

Manufacturers of European baby formula don’t follow FDA requirements; instead, they must comply with the European Commission, which limits iron content in infant formula to 1.7 mg/100kcal of iron max. This is important given that too much iron at a young age may actually delay your child’s development.

European Baby Formula vs American Formula Farming Practices

European Commission and FDA requirements for European and American baby formula iron levels, respectively, aren’t the only things that make these formula options so very different. The makers of these two types of formula also employ different farming practices to create their milk products.

The European Commission requires that all infant formulas be free of detectable amounts of pesticide residue. As a result, every European formula is organic. On top of this, most cow’s milk formulas are created from the milk of cows from biodynamic farms, which use no genetically modified organism (GMO) technology or fertilizers. On these farms, cows are also grass fed. These sustainable farming practices result in healthier milk than what you’d get from corn-fed cows, which are predominantly used in the United States. Unfortunately, in the United States, you’re hard pressed to find formula that is both grass fed and organic.

European Baby Formula vs American Formula Sugar Content

European formulas generally also offer the benefit of featuring no sugar (sucrose specifically). They are 100% natural. The FDA, on the other hand, has no requirements regarding sucrose. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find American formulas featuring sucrose or other sweet ingredients, like corn syrup, as the main carbohydrate source. Unfortunately, this can increase your child’s likelihood of developing preventable diseases, like obesity.

European Baby Formula vs American Formula Stages

Finally, European formula makers offer milk in stages: for instance, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+ months for the brand Kabrita. This allows the milk’s nutrition to be tailored for particular age groups. American companies generally do not separate their formulas in this manner.

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Why Order European Baby Formula vs American Formula from Mommy Formula?

At Mommy Formula, we are proud to be the leading provider of organic baby milk (both cow’s milk and goat milk) designed to give every baby a healthy beginning. Mommy Formula was born after the company’s founder saw friends struggle to find quality formula for their baby. The founder noticed that the United States was lacking access to premier-quality baby formula, and learned that European formulas were higher in quality. That’s why he started Mommy Formula: to help parents like his friends to easily get the healthier European formula they needed.

Since our inception, we’ve spent numerous hours researching the best baby formulas for you so that you’ll never have to. Instead, you can simply shop our online store for European organic baby milk from leading brands — brands that we know you can trust, as we personally trust them. 

No matter which brand you buy at Mommy Formula, you can be confident that our milk carries no syrup products or genetically modified organisms. Additionally, they feature all of the essential nutrients and minerals your child needs to be happy and healthy from one bottle to the next. Reach out to us to learn more about these incredible levels of quality today!

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