Boosting Infant Immunity Through Proper Nutrition


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Providing a clean environment for your child is one way to keep them safe and healthy, another is by boosting their immune function. The key to a high functioning immune system is proper nutrition and this is what will keep your infant healthy. Mommy Formula cares about the health of your child as much as you do. We have put together a few suggestions to help boost your infant's immune health through proper nutrition.


Why Is The Immune System Important?

Your infant's immune system is what will protect them from foreign invaders and infectious organisms. The more your infant is exposed to various environments, the stronger their immune system will become. Naturally, infants' immune systems are much weaker than older children and adults. With vaccines and proper nutrition, however, you can give their bodies the boost it needs to create a strong defense system. 

The immune system generally works very efficiently, but sometimes, it may face something that is stronger than its defenses. When this happens, it can lead to sickness or infections. It may often seem like your child catches every bug under the sun with repeated fevers, runny noses, and in some cases intestinal infections. While all of this is a normal part of infant development, there are ways to improve your infant’s immune system.


Can Infant Formula Help Boost Your Babies Immune System?

Most parents already know about the various immune system boost that comes from breastfeeding. Though there will always be skeptics, European infant formula is equally able to offer immune system support. Most European infant formulas have added prebiotics which has been proven to help protect infant immune systems. In fact, prebiotics is able to make infant formula almost as effective as breast milk. 

Human breast milk will always remain the gold standard when it comes to infant feeding, however, the right European infant formula is a great alternative. Those that have 2’-fucosyllactose and prebiotics offer superior support for developing strong infant immune responses. Of course, infant formula alone won’t create the perfect immune system. Regular vaccinations, a clean environment, and proper supporting nutrition all play a role. 

All European infant formulas offer a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to support proper growth. If you want to go the extra mile, you can choose an organic European infant formula. Organic nutrition is guaranteed to be free of toxins, GMOs, and harmful chemicals that can have a negative effect on the immune system.


Building A Stronger Infant Immune System Through Proper Nutrition

A healthy immune system can speed up the healing process in addition to boosting your child’s defense against illness. With the right food, your infant will grow up healthy, strong, and able to fight off many common ailments more effectively. In order to build a strong infant immune system, you need to start with the basics- healthy food. An infant’s first food source is either breast milk or infant formula. For those that are breastfeeding, it is important for the mother to consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins in minerals. These will be passed on to the infant through the milk which will further help boost their immune system.

Infants who will have a diet that consists of solely infant formula or a combination of infant formula and breast milk have a few more options. Choosing the right infant formula for your child will play a big role in how well they develop and how strong their immune system will be. European infant formulas are rich in vitamins and minerals in addition to being created from ingredients that are purer. When you give your infant formula from the EU, you are choosing to avoid plenty of sugars that can suppress the immune system. Not only are you avoiding excess sugar, but also GMOs and other toxins that can have harmful side effects.


Maintaining A Healthy Infant Gut For Higher Immunity

A healthy immune system starts with a healthy digestive system. Infants are born with few protections and a very immature digestive tract. One of the reasons that European infant formula for newborns is so healthy is because it is made with this fact in mind. The cut flora that lives in the intestine and gut is a complex set of microorganisms that work together to help keep you healthy. Not only do they aid digestion, but they also play a key role in immune system support. 

When the gut bacteria is imbalanced, fighting off infections and other illnesses becomes much more difficult. European infant formula adds prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a healthy balance in the infant's gut. These live helpful bacteria help to boost the response of the friendly gut bacteria already present in the body. Infants who are given European infant formula with prebiotics and probiotics are able to see a marked increase in how effective their digestive system works. As a result, not only is the immune system bolstered, it also helps reduce or eliminate many common infant digestive problems.


Support A Healthy Infant Immune System With Proper Sleep Habits

Sleep is probably the last thing you think about when it comes to immune system support. Infants and babies grow at an amazing rate which takes up more energy than you can imagine. You are feeding them the best European infant formula on the market, but unless their body has time to put those nutrients to their proper use, their immune system won’t fully develop. 

Infants and babies need as much as 11 to 14 hours of sleep daily. This is one of the best ways to support the development of a healthy immune system. When your child is resting, all of those critical vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are being used to create a strong defense system that will help fight off illnesses. Sleep also allows your child’s body to grow and their mind to develop in a healthy way. Adequate levels of sleep paired with a steady diet of European infant formula will give your infant the tools they need to stay healthy.




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