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When it comes to feeding your family, we understand that you only want to give them the very best. Mommy Formula offers a wide assortment of European infant formulas, and we want to let you know a little more about the brands we offer. HiPP, one of the leading providers of organic infant formula from Europe is one of those brands.

Who is HiPP?

As their tagline states, “It's HiPP to be different”, and it is a methodology that everyone in the company follows. They understand the importance of quality nutrition and support breastfeeding every step of the way. That may seem strange coming from a company that sells infant formula, but their goal is to help families give their children what they need to thrive. The infant formula produced by HiPP is as close to breast milk as possible. For parents who are supplementing, those who are choosing to bottle feed exclusively, and those who may be struggling with breastfeeding, HiPP is there to help every step of the way.

HiPP has been following an organic infant formula model for more than half a century and is dedicated to sustainably. Green may be a trend for some companies, but for HiPP, it is a way of life and has been for some time. Even our packaging is environmentally friendly in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and leave behind a healthy earth for our children and yours.

What Type of Business Practices Does HiPP Follow?

HiPP has been around for 60 years. It is a family-owned business that is dedicated to offering high-quality infant formula and baby food that is organic or follows biodynamic farming methods. They firmly believe in sustainability and a quality, healthy work environment. Along with caring for the land and animals in the production line, they also work closely with the communities from which their ingredients are sourced.

There are over 8,000 farmers in their supply network and they are all carefully selected to ensure that they follow the ideals and standards of the HiPP brand. In the whole world, HiPP is also the largest producer of raw organic materials and their infant formula and baby food is sold in more than 50 countries. In addition to eco-friendly manufacturing, they are dedicated to preventing modern slavery in their operations. HiPP holds Eco-Management & Audit Scheme certification which attests that HiPP practices Corporate Social Responsibility and ethically responsible behavior in their processing, production, sourcing and supply chains.

Are HiPP Infant Formulas Actually Healthy?

HiPP infant formulas are created based on a symbiotic balance of scientific formulation and natural ingredients. The team behind HiPP formulas has put in years of research to determine how to best meet the nutritional needs of infants at every stage, and then chose the best organic and biodynamically farmed ingredients to do so.

The HiPP family firmly believes that infants will benefit most from organic ingredients that are gentle and free from pesticides. All of the infant formula produce by HiPP follow and surpass both European and EK guidelines to ensure that your child gets the very best in their infant milk.

Infant formula is tested for quality and proper nutrition content at each stage of the manufacturing process. The organic formula is available from the brand is produced in a sustainable manner that protects nature, the workers, and the animals who produce the milk. Speaking of animals, all HiPP farms use free-range cows who are able to feast on healthy grass that is free from chemical pesticides.

Growing Up With HiPP

HiPP brand offers a large array of feeding options for infants and toddlers alike. Their main range of products focuses on infant formula that is suitable from birth onwards. They also offer follow on milk for toddlers and babies who are in the process of weaning. There are several stages and formulations of infant milk to accommodate babies with allergies, reflux, preemies, and more. HiPP wants to ensure parents have everything they need for their children to thrive. Every stage of HiPP brand infant formula is made with high-quality organic ingredients from their farms to your door. HiPP goes above and beyond EU Organic standards when producing their infant formulas, jar baby foods, growing up snacks and more. Feeding your child the best should never be difficult, which is why HiPP offers more than just milk for your child.

How Mommy Formula Can Help

Mommy Formula is always here to support you when you are in need of information regarding European infant milk and the brands that produce them. Check out our blog for more information.

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