5 Benefits Of European Baby Formula


Welcoming a child into the world is one of the most important events you will experience in life. Now that your precious bundle of joy is here, it is natural to want to provide the best nutrition possible so they can grow up healthy and strong. In order to give your child the best start possible, you will need to give them food that is clean, free from chemicals, and full of nutrients. One of the best ways to start right is through breastfeeding, supplementing with organic formula or using an organic formula made for newborns.

How Do You Choose?

There are a lot of companies advertising formulas for infants of all ages making it hard to know which is actually the best for your infant. To start, you should only consider organic brands to ensure that what goes into your child’s stomach is completely natural.

Organic formula and organic food are free from most pesticides and harmful additives. Although most organic formulas are free from harmful ingredients, many made in states also are lacking the proper number of vitamins and minerals your baby needs.

Many health-conscious families are turning to European baby formulas. This is thanks in part to the increased concentration of essential vitamins and minerals in addition to the biodynamic farming production.

5 Benefits of European Baby Formula

Mommy Formula wants you to always be armed with the information you need to make the best choice for your infant. As such, we will discuss five of the main benefits of choosing European baby formula over local brands for your growing infant.

1. European Formulas Use Probiotics

Infant digestion is very important and most brands in the EU include probiotics in their formula to help aid with digestion. Some US brands include probiotics as well. Brands from the EU pair organic formulas sourced from biodynamic farming with strong probiotics for a complete wellness option. There are also many more infant formula options to choose from that contain probiotics in the EU.

2. Most European Brands Are Organically Sourced

There are a lot of baby formula brands both stateside and abroad. While organic formulas may be a novelty in the States, in Europe most baby formulas are organically sourced. Being sourced organically ensures that there is strict regulation regarding what goes into the formula before it ever reached your infant's lips. In fact, the regulations in the EU are much higher than those stateside. This gives you peace of mind in knowing your infant is really getting the best formula available. Biodynamic farming is also a part of the way the organic baby formula is produced which further increases the nutritional content while also supporting the environment.

3. Reduced Sugar

With obesity and overeating becoming an epidemic worldwide it is more important than ever to give your child a healthy start. Many US branded baby formulas are loaded with excess glucose and sugars that increase a child’s appetite as they grow older.

In the EU, a stricter set of regulations governs the amount of sucrose and sugar in organic baby formulas. In fact, sugar and sucrose are on the list of additives completely banned. Sucrose is dangerous for the soft enamel of babies' teeth and it also increases the craving for sweet foods in infants. The EU has also discovered that sucrose not only is void of nutritional benefits but it also leads to infant overfeeding.

4. Organic Goat Milk & Organic Cow Milk Benefits

Nothing is better than breast milk but many European organic baby formula brands come very close. Many infants struggle to digest cow’s milk of any form and for these children’s organic goat milk formula is an excellent alternative. The fatty acids in goat’s milk are easier to absorb and much gentler on the infant's stomachs.

Organic cow milk formula is also a healthy choice for babies who are able to tolerate it. The milk helps to keep infants satiated much longer than regular US branded formulas. Several brands offer both organic goat milk formula and organic cow milk formula for all stages of infants.

One interesting benefit of organic formula made from goat milk from the EU is that it contains fewer allergens than traditional cow’s milk formula. Goat milk also contains a higher concentration of calcium when compared to cow milk.

5. No GMO’s

Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s have been included in the food supply for decades. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of GMO’s have just recently come to light. Overall, GMO’s are not healthy for babies anywhere to consume. In the EU, GMO’s are strictly banned from being used in organic baby formula or organic baby food in any form.

When you pick up any organic baby formula from the EU, it is guaranteed that it will be free from GMO’s that can harm your infant in the long run. There are also brands in the US that are organic, but not all of them are free from GMOs. Purchasing baby formula from an EU brand ensures that all of your organic baby formula selections are produced without GMO’s.

Mommy Formula Recommends European Baby Formula

Many benefits come from feeding your infant organic baby formula from Europe. Here at Mommy Formula, we offer a diverse range of organic brands to cater to just about any need you can imagine.

While there are plenty of organic baby formula brands on the market, none of them compare to those produced in the EU. The health of your child is your main concern and the benefits of organic products created through dynamic farming immense.

If you are looking for more information on organic European baby formula, baby formula brands from the EU, or just more information about the difference between brands, our blog is here to help. Check out our other post for more helpful information on babies, feeding, parenting tips, formula choices, organic farming, organic baby formula and more.

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